Fishing Shirt Orders Lost

Did you order a Clinch River Chapter fishing shirt? We’re embarrassed to say it, but we engineered a computer glitch that lost several orders. Our apologies! Please send us a message repeating your request (details below), and thanks very much for your patience.

The shirts have up to UPF +50 sun protection, long sleeves and a colorful chapter logo front and back (chart of sizes below). Color is an earthy tan, designed not to frighten trout; the shirt itself is Vapor Apparel’s M700 unisex Solar Performance Long Sleeve—lightweight, comfortable and sure to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating through to your skin.

Sizes range from S to 3XL—a chart of measurements for each size is shown below. Cost is $20 per shirt.

To order, email your name, address and phone number, along with the number of shirts and the size(s) you want, to NO LATER THAN JUNE 28. We will get the shirts immediately after that.