Fun At Kids Fish Free Day

Ken McClain, left, and Sarah Weeks, right, help children tie flies during Kids Fish Free Day.

Ken McClain, left, and Sarah Weeks, right, help children tie flies during Kids Fish Free Day.


Save the date: This year’s Kids Fish Free Day will be Saturday, June 9—don’t miss it!

The 2017 Kids Fish Free Day, held on June 10, attracted 64 children who were entertained by 34 volunteers. Dick Geiger, event coordinator, had this to say about it:

Thank you volunteers! Special thanks to the boat owners who generously donated their time and craft. Thanks to the photographers who captured the moments, to the fly tyers who introduced so many kids to a new pastime, to the pullers of waders and the riggers of equipment, the baiters of hooks, the loaders of boats, the grillers of hot dogs, the registrars of participants and the guides in the water. And thanks to those avid anglers who gave up a beautiful Saturday to give kids a fantastic outdoor experience.

A gallery of photos is displayed below, and Carol Moore has added a few hundred more pictures of the event you can view by clicking here. This year we were also fortunate to get video and print coverage of the event by WATE TV—see it here.

Since 2000, KFFD has been the most enjoyable annual event the chapter hosts. Without the fantastic support of the volunteers, young and old(er), this event would not continue to be as successful as it’s always been. Maybe the fish could have been a little more cooperative for some of the kids, but I think all of them had fun. Parents were very complimentary of the volunteers’ attention to safety and all of your efforts to make sure they had fun; that made it enjoyable for the parents, too.

For the new volunteers especially, we hope you enjoyed the event and we look forward to you joining us again next year. We’re always hoping to make the experience better, so please forward any suggested improvements to me at (I underestimated a little on the hot dogs, so there’s room for improvement on my part next year.)

Thanks again for your time and support—hope to see you on the river!

—Dick Geiger