What We Do For The River

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To keep the Clinch pristine, we clean up roads and shorelines along the river as well as removing litter from the riverbed itself.

We have conducted at least one in-river cleanup annually since 2000, removing tons of trash and 7,000 tires; in 2010 and 2011 we concentrated on removing nearly 500 tires from the area just upstream of the Highway 61 bridge. In 2013 we expanded our efforts, initiating a communitywide cleanup and celebration of the river that attracted kayakers, canoeists, anglers, wildlife watchers and other river users (for more information on the Big Clinch River Cleanup, click here).

We work hands-on with landowners to reclaim and stabilize eroded sections of the Clinch shoreline, coordinating our projects with state and federal agencies. We also verify that the state and the Tennessee Valley Authority are regularly conducting biological surveys.

Outside the Clinch watershed, we support efforts to re-establish native Southern Appalachian brook trout to their former homes in our region, including streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee National Forest.